Navajo Nation PD

Delivering face shields and sanitizer to help protect the community

Cheyenne River Sioux

Protecting the protectors

Center for American Indian Health

Donation of hand sanitizer for front line workers, delivering water. A collaboration with DigDeep.

Spokane Tribe delivery of gloves to first responders

Face shields about to be shipped!

RVA Good Work Society donates faceshields for Protect Native Elders to distribute

Face masks for the Water Distribution Crews

DigDeep reached out to us to get help with masks and hand sanitizer supplies. Their staff and volunteers can feel safe while providing water to Navajo first responders.


The situation on the ground changes from moment to moment. We NEED basic supplies to protect medical staff and first responders. The supply chains were broken and nothing was reaching us until we found “Protect Native Elders” who offered rapid support. They delivered multiple shipments of masks and face shields helping to diminish the concerns of those working on the front lines. When the  supplies were delivered the sense of relief was visible to some degree.  We saw smiles on the faces of our team members andfirst responders. We deeply appreciate both you and those partner organizations who areresponding so quickly to get the PPEs directly to us and tribal Nations. You really are making a difference one Face Mask, one Face Shield at a time. 

Verlon Jose

Governor of the Traditional O’odham Leaders

Indian Country is suffering and needs your help. As of today, April 24, there were 1360 positive cases among the Navajo Nation’s population of roughly 175,000. On the Navajo Nation, 52 people, mostly elders, have died. It’s often said that “children are our future,” but in a very important way, elders are the future of Indian Country.

As the reservoir of traditional culture, they keep the languages and sacred traditions alive. During the H1N1 flu epidemic of 2009, American Indians died at four times the rate of the general US population. In overcoming Covid-19, the Navajo face an uphill battle. Thirty percent of Navajo households have no access to running water. Many live paycheck to paycheck in multigeneration homes that allow passage of the virus from youth to elders. As a physician and public health practitioner, I have spent most of my twenty-year career working in Indian Country and can attest to the challenge of preventing the spread of respiratory diseases like Covid-19 in these resource poor areas.

Please, consider making a donation to Protect Native Elders, an entirely volunteer-driven charity. Your entire donation will be used to buy critical items such as personal protective equipment, masks, and hand sanitizer.


Peter de Schweinitz MD, MSPH

Emergency Room Physician, Indian Health Services Facilities

Protect Native Elders was the first group to respond to us and send us supplies when we were in desperate need.


Navajo Nation Department of Health Facility Leader

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